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Terms of Use
  • ♥ Unless you are given explicit consent by the artist of this wallpaper, do not repost it on other sites. This includes Minitokyo, Animepaper, 4chan etc.
  • ♥ Do not remove the signature. Do not, in any way, alter this wallpaper/vector. This includes extracting and/or tracing from our work.
  • Wallpapers Are to be used for personal use only. That means only on your desktop, unless, as stated above, one of the staff gives you permission to use it for something else.
  • Vectors Are created to use in wallpapers. You cannot post our vectors on other sites, but you can use them for your wallpapers. CREDIT the author if you use his/her vector.
  • PNGs Were created for use in wallpapers. CREDIT the extractor/author if you use his/her .PNG.
  • Scans Were scanned by one of the staff members. DO NOT RE-POST them on either or unless you get permission from the scanner to do so.
  • ♥ If you wish to use any of our works in manners not stated above, you can easily contact us at one of our personal sites. Please contact the artist as marked.
  • ♥ To save, right click on image » Save Image As... or Set as Desktop Background